Come Closer

...We Won't Bite. Maybe. Sometimes

We are passionate and experienced designers, developers, artists, writers, videographers, editors, photographers, producers and strategists. Through our individual callings to imagine, discover and DO, we bring our talents together to create remarkable results for clients and unmatched experiences for audiences.

We design the concepts, commodities and results that feed our clients’ growth. This allows them to reach their full potential and allows us to fulfill our passion for making great things happen.

britney author

Britters Be Bloggin

Blog CEO/Tyrant

Rules with an iron fist. Waiting for her to say she hates this site and give direction to what it should look like.

nadine author

Nadine Da Don

Lorem Ipsum

Real G right chea. Idk who will be on the pixel site...but I need content

chris author

Chris ``C2`` Maddox

Assistant Assistant Vice Co-Principal

Does what he wants, and will sneeze on whoever doesn't like it. 3 felon designer

cameron author

Cam ``C2`` Carswell

Dev Ninja

Missed the plane to audition for a role in lord of the rings. the 6'4`` bearded long haired developer...could probably knock gandalf out, and would definitely rock the cloak and hat better

cailin author

Just Cailin

Tyrant's Sidekick

Does what the tyrant does...but is ALWAYS grumpy

tj henderson

Warren Moore

Jr. Web Developer

Nice young man who does all the work but never asks for any help. Just a good...good person. Used and abused