After it was initially spotted in testing back in February, Instagram is this week officially launching its new Quiz Sticker for Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories Quiz Stickers overview

As you can see in this info sheet (shared by social media expert Matt Navarra), the new Quiz Stickers provide another way to generate engagement with your Stories, and prompt feedback from your audience in a simple, interactive way.

Similar options are already available on other tools, but with the popularity of Stories rising, and brands looking for more ways to formulate the best approach to the form, providing additional tools to spark quick engagement – especially without having to make significant investment in creative – could prove to be a winner, and will no doubt get more users thinking on how they can use the new sticker to advantage.

Of course, Instagram also has poll stickers, which it launched in 2017, and really, the quiz sticker option is pretty similar. But it adds more of a fun, competitive element, giving users an option to get the right answer and feel a sense of achievement, as opposed to just providing feedback. That could make it a good option for sharing insights into how your company operates, what processes or materials you use, tests on industry trends, and more.

There’s a heap of ways it could be beneficial. You could use it as a lead-in to a new research report, for example, with the first Stories frame providing a quiz question, then the next giving a ‘Want to learn more..’ swipe up link.

However you use it, it adds yet another simple, creative consideration to your Instagram Stories approach.

You can find out more about Instagram Stories Quiz Stickers here.

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